200 Hour Astanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Our Astanga Yoga Teacher Training in dharamsala are a mix of Astanga arrangement hypothesis, Astanga Vinyasa Yoga showing strategies, Anatomy of Astanga Yoga, Astanga Primary Series physical practice and the subtler contemplative angles, for example, Astanga theory, Pranayama and reflection. We mean to consolidate these components to make an Astanga Yoga Teacher Training courses in India that is comprehensive in nature, handy and experiential.

At Savitra Yoga Ashram, we give 200 Hour Astanga Yoga Teacher Training in dharamsala different areas. Our deliberately structured Astanga Yoga courses in India give preparing in all parts of the Astanga Vinyasa framework as rehearsed by Pathabhi Jois in Mysore. Every one of our courses are affirmed by Yoga Alliance, USA. We respect the customary parts of the Astanga Vinyasa framework, enabling our understudies to learn by involvement, at that point offsetting this involvement with present day science and instructing techniques. We mean to form our yoga understudies into certain specialists and educators; while empowering every understudy extraordinary instructing persona.

Astanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses

What is Astanga Vinyasa Yoga?

Astanga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic warming practice that means to detoxify and still the psyche. Ujjai pranayama/breathing is polished all through to realize this detoxifying impact. Ashtangi’s emphasis on one point or Dristi to maintain a strategic distance from diversion and go internal while drawing in Bandha locks to contain the vitality made.

Customarily Astanga is a fixed succession where every professional would rehearse similarly consistently. The instructor would watch and help and give the following posture in the arrangement when the understudy was prepared. The understudy would in the end develop a full essential arrangement and afterward be acquainted with the following. This Mysore style practice is a systematical approach, taking into account the body of every individual specialist to pick up adaptability and quality gradually and in every close to home time scale.

On 200 Hour Astanga Yoga Teacher Training in dharamsala our educators train every asana in detail clarifying changes and props where required. Understudies practice these asana as per their ability. Understudies will experience in detail every one of the components of the Astanga Vinyasa framework, including principles of sequencing, pranayama, reciting and dristi.

Who can attend 200 Hour Astanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses?

Our 200 Hour Astanga Yoga Teacher Training courses are for future yoga instructors, and we center exceptionally on educating philosophy. Understudies will break down each posture and each part of the Astanga Vinyasa framework in detail. At that point, by learning viable showing strategies, see how to control their very own future understudies verbally, outwardly, through physical modification and cautious perception.


Having said this, we additionally suggest the 200 Hour Astanga Yoga Teacher Training in dharamsala for devoted specialists who wish to extend their Astanga Yoga practice just as the individuals who wish to instruct. We accept that the way toward educating is the most ideal approach to learn.

The two learners and encountered yogis may join this course. There is a great deal of learning to be increased here and our Teachers clarify all aspects of the Astanga framework in detail with adjustment of stances. Anyway we do prompt that any candidate is physically fit enough for the four hours out of each day of yoga practice and has had a yoga practice for in any event a half year preceding beginning the course. Every application is considered on an individual premise. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are uncertain kindly don’t waver to get in touch with us.

Why Choose the 200 Hour Astanga Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Orientation ceremony at Savitra Yoga Ashram
Totally a Life Changing Experience
The 200 hour Astanga Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala is a complete yoga inundation experience and understudies remark that our courses have been groundbreaking and that they encountered all-encompassing and wide yoga establishing.

Excellent Faculty & Courses

We are extremely pleased with our course quality and our superb educators who hold ERYT 500 hr, RYT 500 hr or ERYT 200 hr authentications from Yoga Alliance. We give superb guidance at reasonable costs
Practical and Theoretical exams at Savitra Yoga Ashram
Exceptional Destinations
Apart from Dharamshala, Goa, and Rishikesh are ideal for learning yoga in the midst of nature and yogic lifestyle; ponder yoga at its underlying foundations! We give superb rooms and serve yogic vegan suppers.
YTTC in Dharamsala, India

On completion of 200 Hour Astanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses?

On successful completion of the 200 hour Astanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses, students will get a certification in the Astanga Vinyasa system. Students will leave confident in their own practice as well as understand how to instruct the Primary series of Astanga Vinyasa Yoga. Students often comment on feeling stronger, both mentally and physically as well as confident to go out and teach.

How 200 Hour Astanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses structured?

We spread 200 hours of preparing in 24 days of escalated courses. Every day starts at 7am and closes at 7pm Monday to Friday with half-day on Saturdays. Sundays are free.

Syllabus for this 200 hour yoga course includes:

200 hours of yoga asana work on, including clinical asana

25 hours of showing system, including yoga business

25 hours of yoga reasoning, way of life and morals

20 hours of yoga life systems

At least 10 hours of Teaching Practicum (Instructing)

At least 10 hours of contemplation

10 hours pranayama

Course Dates

Upcoming 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

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